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Car rental KIA Ceed

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Стоимость аренды
Кол. дней
1-3 4-14
15-29 30+ Залог
$60 $55 $45 $35 $600

Год: 2008  
Цвет: красный лак
Объем двигателя: 1.4 
Мощность (л.с.): 109  
Разгон до 100 км/час: 11,6 сек.  
КПП: механика- 5 ступ.
Тип кузова:
Количество мест: 5  
Расход топлива (л/100 км): 7  
Ёмкость топливного бака (л): 45


- климатконтроль

- CD/MP3

- борткомпютер

- полный електропакет

- индикатор износа колодок

- подогрев сидений

- сигнализация

Оптимальность цены и качество функций - вот что определяет автомобиль среднего класса .


Альтернатива для KIA Ceed - автомобиль марки Kia Carens .



Kia today confidently hold on the market, because under this brand are manufactured machines almost any taste and color. Competition is adequately maintained not only in Asia but also in the European market.
So, Kia Ceed car was officially presented it in Europe (Paris, autumn 2006).
Kia Ceed design was created by the Germans for European motorists. So, Kia Ceed turned not Asian. Also in eastern Kia Sid are only separate elements: a rather elongated narrowish lights, convex grille, stylized stylish piece.
Salon Kia Ceed - quite spacious. Everything in it is the trendy and European style: on-board computer, radio, beautifully illuminated instrument panel, soft comfortable steering wheel, door pockets, a pleasant, though very simple plastic trim.
This decision itself unobtrusive tech.
Of course, the model is not without drawbacks: not quite remarkable plastic door handles, trim down pretty simple, but that simplicity - it's great!
All the same: the driver's seat is adjustable steering wheel is adjusted, but what else do you need?
In the management of Kia Ceed very comfortable. It easily passes turns perfectly obey the driver when overtaking and parking. And only when gaining speed over 150 km / h the car starts to shake and gradually becomes unstable.
Kia Ceed is equipped with an automatic transmission, which is well "understand" how to behave car. This creates another plus in management.
Braking system in the car worked perfectly. Braking process is soft enough.
"At hurray" for this price segment worked and soundproofing. Annoying hum of the motor is not audible even at high speeds.
Stereo in Kia Sid has 6 speakers, which are arranged so that the music be able to fully enjoy not only the passengers sitting in front, but also behind.
In the background is the couch three closely, but two can experience true comfort from a trip in the car.
To be or not to be? - That is the question. Whether to take a rental car Kia Ceed or choose another car - you decide. But anyway Kia Ceed deserves attention.



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