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Dear motorists, LLC "Svitkar Ukraine" has become a party autorolling business in Ukraine.
Service "car rental" in Ukraine appeared a few years ago. The first car rental develops in large cities. Although the demand for rental cars is growing, most of the customers who need a car for rent are foreign tourists and businessmen.


авто в аренду, машина на прокат


To rent a car rental is becoming more profitable, now in Ukraine there are many who want to take a car to rent.
If you own a vehicle and would like to rent a car to take, then you will be profitable to cooperate with us.
The point is that all issues paperwork on delivery vehicles for rent falls on our shoulders. The same machine status during transmission and reception, car rental is also our problem.
Finding customers who need a car they are designed us. We are both cash and non-cash calculation to physical comfort. individuals and organizations.



If your car is in the credit we can help deliver a car to rent to repay the loan was not to burden.
If you decide to become a partner of our company and have a stable extra income, we will be happy to offer you a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.
For our part, we guarantee:


  • Решение проблем с кредитными автомобилями.
  • Стабильный доход от аренды авто .
  • Cкидки при страховании Вашего автомобиля.
  • Скидки на техническое обслуживание на СТО «Автонота», по адресу: Алма-Атинская, 8


Call us, we will answer all your questions +38 (093) 505-62-32 +38 (099) 533-87-68 +38 (044) 599-98-55


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To book a car

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